PADI IDC Gili Islands

PADI Dive Instructor at the Gili Islands, Indonesia

Why should you like to work as a scuba dive instructor on the Gili Islands?

The Gili Islands are famous. They are part of North Lombok, Indonesia. And they are well known for their turquoise water a waving palm trees. The Gili Islands are 3 little islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. All islands are different and have their own characteristics. The most fascinated part of the Gili Islands is there are no motorbikes, cars and dogs on the islands. It is just paradise, so keep your worries at home.

Diving is amazing around the Gili Islands. There are other publications about the Gilis about bombing, damaged coral, no marine life… But most of the publications are made by persons who didn’t stay that long on the Gili Islands and were disappointed in the lack of color of the coral.

The Gili Islands are mostly surrounded by hard corals, and hard corals are mostly night feeder. Their colorful polyps will be showed at night when they come out the hard base. This doesn’t mean that ther Gili Islands doesn’t have beautiful coral. The Gili Islands have a enormous variety of coral. And this is all ready proven by a lot of academic studies.

Dive resort Oceans 5 is a Reef Check facility. During a year Oceans 5 will do some surveys around the Gili Island together with WWF.

Another point about the marine life: Around the Gili islands you can find everything you like. Sure you can find turtles. The Gili Islands are famous for them. The Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles are frequently spotted during some dives. Another attraction will be the Bumphead pariot fish during the days around full moon. These will visit the shallow parts of the reefs sometimes in schools of 50 pieces.

And don’t forget the White and Black tip reef sharks around the Gili Islands. These are friendly sharks, nothing to be afraid of.

If you love Macro there are sites where you can find the Frogfish, Mandarin Fish, Seahorses, Leaf Scorpion, Ribbon Eels, Snake Eels and Nudies. Oceans 5 is specialized in spotting all these little creatures.

Manadrin fish around the Gili Islands

After a dive there are a lot of opportunities on the Gili Islands to have lunch, dinner or a drink. On most islands you can choose from all different cuisines.

If you like to stay on the Gili Islands, there are a lot of different accommodations, from cheap till very luxury. Dive resort Oceans 5 has standard rooms, pool bungalows, Family bungalow and roof top bungalow.

Why is it so nice to teach around the Gili Islands? The dive season is all year around. During the year you, as an instructor, will always have some work, teaching to do. And around the Gili island you can teach everything from Bubblemaker till Divemaster.

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