PADI IDC Gili Islands

My road during the PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily Perle

My road during the PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily


PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily
PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily


Captains log Entry #1:

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing but good ole fundives with the Oceans 5 Gili Air crew. Then our fearless leader, Queen Giny said: “We start tomorrow with a IDC IDC Gili Air prep”. That was it. Our lives would change forever. Surely there was no more fun to be had. Ever.

But thats not what happened. PADI IDC Gili Air Prep was basically just going over Divemaster theory. As our knowledge on k and j valves grew, so did your little group. Everyday our numbers increased, until we finally had morphed into the full-fledged PADI IDC Gili Air army of little Giny Warriors that we are now.

Then came the classroom, and with the classroom, seemingly neverending hours of sunshine, which we could not enjoy. Also mating sharks. Today will be the first day of pool training. The tension grows. We are now at war. This is the moment we have all be trained for. I dont know if we will all make it, lesser divers have fallen into the abyss of chlorine swimmingpools.

Captains Log entry #2

After all, we made it. Queen Giny made us make it. Fast forward to one night before the PADI IE. Why were we ever even worried about the confined water? Between now and the first confined water presentation much has happened. About 17000 ear infections, the odd IDC Beers, one million three houndred thousand and 7 whoooop whoooops, Knowledge Developments, one too many true facts videos and many Open Water and Pool practices later: we are now ready. At least we feel ready. In German the word for ‘ready’ can also be used for ‘exhausted’. But no, we are ready. Prepared, pumped and pretty. The three Ps of life. No, scratch that. That is not in the General Standards and Procedures. We only trust general standards and procedures. Nothing is or ever will be as sacred at general standards and procedures. Queen Giny said so. Queen Giny must know. Queen Giny knows best. On this note i must end todays entry. Hopefully the next entry will be made as an Instructor.

And they became a PADI Dive Instructor with PADI IDC Gili Air

Emily Perle, PADI IDC Gili Air class February 2017

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Oceans 5 dive is a PADI Career Development Centre located on Gili Air in Indonesia . Oceans 5 Gili Air opened in April 2010 their doors on the Gili Islands and became quickly a PADI Instructor Development Centre (IDC). Focussing on their teaching qualities resulted by getting the PADI Career Development Rating by PADI in 2014. The resort has 12 boutique resort bungalows with 2 big pools.
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