Revitalizing Paradise: Oceans 5 Gili Air’s Stunning Transformation


PADI IDC Dive Resort Oceans 5 in Indonesia revamped

Embracing the New Year with a Fresh Look

As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, Oceans 5 Gili Air is doing the same, but in a uniquely refreshing manner. This idyllic resort, nestled in the heart of Gili Air, has undergone a series of renovations that have not only enhanced its aesthetic appeal but also reaffirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability.

A Roof Over Paradise

The past month has been a bustling period of transformation for Oceans 5 Gili Air. The bungalows, an epitome of comfort and serenity, now boast newly renovated roofs. This upgrade not only adds to the charm and durability of the accommodations but also blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

A Splash of Elegance

The resort’s pool area, a favorite among guests for its tranquil and picturesque setting, has seen significant enhancements. The pool decking has been revamped, offering a more luxurious and comfortable lounging experience. Whether it’s for a refreshing swim or a lazy day under the sun, the pool area is now more inviting than ever.

Shopping with a View

The boutiques, offering a range of artisanal products and souvenirs, have also experienced a makeover. The new roofing provides a charming and welcoming atmosphere for guests as they shop for memories to take back home.

A Touch of Color and Care

In the rooms, subtle yet impactful changes have been made. A fresh coat of paint has breathed new life into the spaces, making them brighter and more inviting. In line with their commitment to the environment, every room is now equipped with eco-friendly soaps and shampoos, ensuring that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.

Fit for the Future

Looking ahead to 2024, Oceans 5 Gili Air is excited to announce the construction of a state-of-the-art gym. This 20 by 15-meter facility is not just a space for physical well-being but also offers stunning views of a 20-meter tall pool. The gym will cater to various needs, offering daily, weekly, and monthly passes, with or without pool access.

Concluding Thoughts

The recent renovations at Oceans 5 Gili Air exemplify a perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and forward-thinking. As the resort gears up for 2024, it stands as a shining example of how to gracefully evolve while respecting and enhancing the natural beauty of its surroundings. The new Oceans 5 Gili Air is not just a destination; it’s a rejuvenated paradise waiting to be rediscovered

Why complete the PADI Divemaster course? Much more than just a certification.

The PADI Divemaster course is one of the most rewarding scuba diving certifications you can complete.

This’s not just because it’s one of the most time consuming, or because it is the first professional qualification. The Divemaster course is so fulfilling because it provides you with invaluable skills and unforgettable experiences that enrich many aspects of your life, not just your scuba diving. You can visit our website and choose the best option for you.

Whether or not you plan to pursue a career in the scuba diving industry, the PADI Divemaster course has a lot to offer you. Most of us are aware that the divemaster course provides you with the opportunity to hone your diving skills and gain work experience in a dive shop. But did you know there are many other, less obvious, benefits of completing the course? Visit

Becoming a divemaster is a big commitment of both time and energy but we believe that the rewards far outweigh the costs. No matter what your next step may be. In case you needed a little help committing, here’s why completing your PADI Divemaster course should be your next big adventure.

Become a confident and competent divemaster. Know how to handle yourself in all situations.

Hanging out at the safety stop scuba diving

This one is kind of obvious, but still worth highlighting as it’s a big part of your journey to becoming a divemaster. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to many different scenarios, both real and staged. You will learn and practise the skills to deal with these unforeseen situations and potential emergencies, whilst remaining calm. And by the end of the course, you will know how to handle yourself and help others, both above and below the surface.

Although the PADI Rescue Diver course introduces you to this, the timescale and in-depth workshops involved of the PADI Divemaster course provides you with a much stronger understanding of looking after yourself and others. Plus the opportunity to practise and use those skills in real situations. Being able to handle stressful situations and solve problems quickly is a skill you can take with you in any area of life, not just scuba diving!

Strong reverse current? Burst O-ring? Panicking diver? No problem. You know exactly how to handle it without getting flustered!

Become part of the scuba diving team.

Great scuba diving team at Oceans5

When you complete your divemaster, you’re not a regular customer at the shop anymore. You become part of the team. You are welcomed into the shop as part of the family. If you are already a diver, you will be familiar with the fun and friendly atmosphere of dive centres, and as a Divemaster candidate. You get to be a part of that every day. Sounds awesome to us!

Being part of the team also allows you to gain valuable insight into the running of a dive centre and gain experience working as part of a team. Dive centres often have some pretty big characters and a variety of cultures and nationalities. Learning to work with different people in challenging environments is always a beneficial experience!

Discover a new diving place.

Gili air island
Get to know Gili Air inside out!

You can complete your Divemaster course in as little as 4 weeks. But we recommend at least 2 months to really get the most out of your training. Therefore, you will live in the area where the dive centre is located. This is a very different to just travelling through or spending time as part of a holiday. You will be essentially living and working, developing your routines and discovering the best parts of the area. From finding those secret spots for trying the tastiest home-cooked dishes, to picking up some of the local language or just waving good morning to your neighbours. When you stay somewhere longer you become part of the community. This allows you to experience a different way of life.

Your discovery isn’t just on land. During your Divemaster course, you will be able to fully explore the local dive sites. You’ll find out where that cute pink frogfish likes to hang out, where the juvenile white tip sharks rest during the day and you may even start to know some of the turtles in the Gilis by name! You learn to appreciate the little things and notice subtle changes, as well as refining your guiding skills.

Stay fit.

Although not the main reason people complete their Divemaster, your physical fitness will certainly improve. Apart from diving every day, you will also be carrying tanks, setting up gear, lifting yourself up onto the boat and helping newbie divers both above and below the water. All of that combined is just as effective, if not more, as a regular fitness regime. Getting (or staying) fit is just one of the additional benefits of the PADI Divemaster course.

Dive every day.

scuba diving and a turtle
Get up close and personal with the locals

One of the main benefits of completing your Divemaster course is that you have the chance to go scuba diving every day. Something we are all aiming for in life! Every day you have the chance to explore below the surface and encounter your favourite marine life. Did we mention that we see turtles of 99% of our dives here on the Gilis? Who wouldn’t want to swim with turtles every day? Count us in.

Meet people from all over the world.

Meet people from all over the world group shot after beach clean up

Scuba diving attracts people from all corners of the globe. As a Divemaster candidate you get to meet people from many different walks of life, with a variety of cultures and backgrounds. The interesting conversations and variety of stories told is enjoyable enough. But don’t forget to consider the future benefits of this amazing networking. Perhaps that guy you chatted to about nudibranchs is friends with someone who is hiring for a role you’d be perfect for? Or even introduces you to your future partner? You never know who you might meet in the diving industry, or how you might be able to help each other out in the future. Perfect excuse to expand you friends list on Facebook!

Make life-long friends.

Scuba diving girls

Most dive centres will have more than just one Divemaster candidate at a time, meaning that it’s likely you’ll be embarking on this journey with others who share your passion for all things scuba. When you’re spending around 2 months with these people, as well as the dive centre staff, it’s likely you’ll make at least one friend for life, if not more! Sharing the highs and lows of the Divemaster training and living away from your home and family often generates strong bonds between people. Throw in the fact you all love the ocean and you’ve got a recipe for lasting friendships!

Add invaluable skills to your CV.

setting up scuba diving equipment

It is obvious that the Divemaster Course is a vital part of your CV is you want to work in scuba diving. But have you considered how the valuable skills and experience you gain are extremely relevant for most careers, not just diving?

During the Divemaster course you develop a high level of professionalism and customer service. You practise leadership through guiding and scuba reviews (refresher/tune ups), public speaking and presenting through briefings. You learn risk management and safety considerations, first aid, boat management, working efficiently as part of a team, practical problem solving. These are all transferable skills that will help you excel in whichever direction you take your career in. Don’t forget to note these down in your next job application!

Be an ocean ambassador & support marine conservation.

Beach clean up on Gili Air

Both during your Divemaster and afterwards, you are an ambassador of the ocean. You help to educate others and raise awareness of the threats to the marine world. During your divemaster course, it is likely you will have the chance to get involved in marine conservation activities or events. At Oceans5 Dive, we encourage our Divemaster candidates to run our weekly beach cleanups and get involved in our monthly reef clean-up dives, as well as participate in events run by our partners The Gili Shark Conservation.

The PADI Divemaster course is much more than just a diving certification. It provides you with key skills alongside unforgettable and unique life experiences. There is no doubt that this should be your next adventure!

Happy divemaster diving

At Oceans 5 Dive on Gili Air, we welcome Divemaster candidates to start anytime. As mentioned, we recommend you spend at least 8 weeks with us for the course, but if you are tight on time we can tailor the course to suit your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions about the PADI Divemaster Course.

We believe that the Divemaster Course is more than just ticking off the PADI requirements. We strive to deliver you the best possible training to suit your personal and professional goals. As a 5* PADI Career Development Centre, we offer our Divemaster candidates the opportunity to learn additional skills, from fish and coral identification to a neutrally buoyant skills circuit. With an onsite PADI course director, 2 staff instructors, our Divemaster candidates receive high-quality training that goes above and beyond what is needed to pass.

Instructors briefing the divemasters

You also get the opportunity to live on the idyllic Indonesian Island of Gili Air. With no motorised vehicles, beautiful white beaches, jewel-like waters and wonderfully welcoming locals, there really is no better place to spend a few months!

So, are you ready for your next adventure?

If you have an infectious love for the ocean that you just must share, and are ready to develop both yourself and your diving, then you are the perfect candidate for the PADI Divemaster course. We can’t wait to meet you!

Beautiful ocean around Gili Air on our dive boat

So, what is there to do on Gili Air?

We all know that Gili Air is famous for scuba diving. Exploring the crystal clear waters, swimming through schools of colourful fish and hanging out with turtles, is certainly one of the best ways to spend your time. But what about those surface intervals? Or perhaps your loved ones or travel buddies are not interested in wiggling into a wetsuit and breathing compressed air. Fortunately, Gili Air has lots of other great activities to indulge in during your stay.


Circumnavigate the Island

Fields of palm trees on Gili Air
Palm trees as far as the eye can see on Gili Air

Either on foot or by bike, you can easily circle the island in under 2 hours. With no motorised vehicles to destroy the peace, you can discover empty beaches, flower-lined paths and fields of palm trees as far as the eye can see. Find your favourite patch of sand or take a break at one of the many local cafes for a fresh juice or cold beer. A word of advice, go either in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat!

Island Hopping

Gili Meno beach
Visiting the beaches on Gili Meno

Gili Air is, of course, our favourite island but if you have a spare day it would be a shame to not take a trip to one of the other two nearby islands. Gili Trawangan offers an unrivalled party atmosphere and an array of shopping opportunities, while Gili Meno provides quiet seclusion on pristine beaches with a back to basics atmosphere.  Public boats hop between the islands in the morning and afternoon and fast boat service every hour makes it easy to take a day trip. The Harbour offices sell tickets and provide the most up to date timetable. Alternatively, you can charter a boat if you are a small group. If you’re interested in islands like these, you might want to visit Cayman Islands for your next trip. Visit and ask them about their packages.

Trip to Lombok

Mountains and waterfalls of North Lombok
Dramatic scenery of North Lombok

If you’ve managed to tick off all the activities on Gili Air and still have the energy to explore, it is easy to arrange a day trip to Lombok. Just a short boat ride takes you over to Lombok where you can discover hidden waterfalls, tackle the summit of Mt Rinjani (Indonesia’s 2nd largest volcano), beach hop the southern coast around Kuta or experience local Sasak village life. All these trips can be arranged from Gili Air.

During the Day on Gili Air


Sunrise over the foothills of Mt Rinjani
Sunrise over the foothills of Mt Rinjani

Early risers on Gili Air are rewarded with the spectacular sight of the sun rising over the foot of Mt Rinjani on Lombok. Definitely worth getting up for at least once during your stay! Experience the peace of the island at this time in the morning and watch the locals slowly start their day, a pretty magical time.

Relaxing on the Beach (or something less sandy!)

Beach chairs on Gili Air
Perfect place to relax

One of the best things about staying on a tropical island is the beautiful beaches. So, what better way to spend your time than laying out your towel, soaking up some sun and enjoying the sound of the waves lapping the shore. Don’t like the sand? No worries, Oceans5 Dive Resort has two beautiful pools for you to relax around.

Participate in a Beach Clean Up

Cleaning the beach on Gili Air
Every Friday we organise a beach clean up

It’s always rewarding to be able to do something positive for the communities that you visit. At our dive resort, we organise beach cleanups every Friday afternoon at 5pm and everyone is welcome! Join us to help keep our island and the oceans clean and enjoy a free drink with us afterwards.

In the Evenings on Gili Air

Go Horse Riding

Horse riding on the beach
Horse riding on the beach

Riding horseback in the shallow turquoise waters alongside a white sand beach as the sun sets behind the volcano on Bali… sounds like the scene out of a movie, doesn’t it? Well on Gili Air you can be part of this magical scene. Horse-riding is available from one of the stables on the island, drop into the Oceans5 and we can point you in the right direction.

Cooking Classes

Close up of ingredients at cooking class
Cooking class at Sunny’s Warung

We think that one of the best things about travelling is tasting different cuisines. Indonesian food is full of rich and exciting flavours and Gili Air is not short of places to try the local dishes.  However, if you have a few hours spare you can take it a step further and learn how to create your favourites. Just next to Oceans5 Dive awaits Gili Cooking School which offers a variety of classes to suit different tastes and budgets, run by Indonesian chefs. Alternatively, in the north of the island, Warung Sunny provides a back to basics home-style cooking class. Our favourite part of the class is the feast at the end!

Outdoor Cinema

There is nothing quite like reclining on a big, comfy bean bag with your toes in the sand while watching a film on the big screen. Gili Air has a couple bars where you can watch a different film each night, right on the beach with a variety of drink and food options brought right to your seat!

Listen to some Live Music or Enjoy a Party!

Live band playing on Gili Air
Nothing beats live music

Although our neighbour, Gili Trawangan is known as the party island, Gili Air also has some lively spots to head for once the sun has set. There are several bars that host a range of local musicians with something for all tastes, from soothing acoustic sets to full-scale live bands. And if that’s not enough for you there are a few late-night hangouts, such as Legends on a Wednesday, where you can kick off your flip-flops and dance until the sunrises!

Catch Sunset

Sunset on Gili Air
Gili Air sunsets are the best

You can’t visit Gili Air without catching one of the legendary sunsets. Watching the sky glow pink and orange as the sun dips behind the horizon with a cold Bintang in hand is the perfect way to end the day. On the west side of the island, there are many bars to catch the sunset, but our favourite is Mowies. Good drinks, tasty food and cosy bean bags, what more could you want!

Treat Yourself


Clothing for sale on Gili Air
All the colours and styles

If you get tired of relaxing on the beach you can always head to the shops for some retail therapy. On Gili Air, there is a wide variety of shops from stylish stores, with unique gifts and fashionable frocks, to market stalls with fishing gear, tackle, best beginner fly fishing combo, handmade bracelets, colourful sarongs and homemade coconut oil. t oil. We have 3 fabulous boutique stores onsite at Oceans5, offering an impressive array of locally produced clothes, jewellery and homewares to suit all tastes. Perfect for browsing in before or after dives!


Yoga on the beach in Gili Air
Yoga at sunset, what could be more relaxing?

We find our peace underneath the ocean but if you’re looking to find some harmony on dry land then Gili Air has a few yoga centres offering a timetable of daily group classes and weekly workshops.

At Air Spa, onsite at Oceans5, you can enjoy a personalised yoga class tailored to your needs and pace, scheduled at a time that works for you. Air Spa offers breath-centred yoga sessions ranging from a beginner body alignment to aqua yoga which is gentle on the joints, to flowing vinyasa sequences. You can get joint supplements from to help relieve your joint pain.

Pamper Yourself at the Spa

Air Spa at Oceans5 Dive Resort
Air Spa at Oceans5 Dive Resort

You’re on holiday, treat yourself! Indulge in a facial or pamper yourself with a pedicure. If you are trying to relax check out these easy relaxing methods on artofruits. Air Spa at Oceans5 offers a range of natural spa treatments inspired by the elements – water, earth, wind and fire, designed to enrich your island experience and increase your well-being. All products are organic and locally sourced to create unique and nourishing spa treatments to refresh your body and mind. Asa guest at Oceans5 Resort, enjoy 10% off all treatments at Air Spa.

Explore the Turquoise Waters around Gili Air


Subwing through the water
Glide through the water with Subwing

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Consisting of two wings mounted together, the Subwing is gently pulled along by a boat whilst you hang on to the wings, tilting them in the direction you want to go.  It is intuitive and easy to learn in just one morning – not just for athletic thrill seekers but those of any age that love being in the water. Subwinging is a unique and exhilarating way to discover the underwater world around Gili Air.

SUP – Stand Up Paddling boarding

Paddle boarding around Gili Air
Paddle boarding around Gili Air

An exciting way to enjoy the gorgeous vistas around Gili Air is on a stand-up paddle board, particularly beautiful at sunrise. SUP boards are available to rent from many places around the island.


Never Try. Never Know.

If you haven’t tried scuba diving, we really recommend you give it a go. The Gili Islands have been named as one of the top places in the world to learn to scuba diving. And we are not surprised with waters this calm, clear, warm and full of life!

Scuba divers in the swimming pool
All okay in the pool!

Our highly experienced instructors at Oceans5 Dive will make sure you feel safe, comfortable and confident. We offer courses in multiple languages and you can complete the Discover Scuba Diving course in as little as half a day!


A little hesitant to fully submerge yourself? Too young to dive? Medical conditions preventing you? Or perhaps scuba diving really isn’t for you, then snorkelling is a great alternative to experience the waters around Gili Air. Our favourite spot is on the east coast where it’s common to spot a turtle or two where the reef slopes off. We recommend snorkelling at high tides otherwise it’s quite tricky to get out to a depth where you can swim. This area of the world is known to resemble scuba diving spots in Indonesia, sites like have a great number of photo galleries where you can see that first hand. Those slightly interested in scuba diving one day should gather up their courage and do it!

Snorkeling with turtles
Snorkeling with turtles

Want to enjoy the marine life without getting wet? You can take a tour on one of the glass bottom boats which is often combined with island hopping or snorkelling. If you are looking for the best snorkelling tour, then check out the Live Your Aloha website.

Wow, even we are surprised at how much there is to do here. Perhaps you should extend your stay so you can fit it all in?

Gili Air isn’t just a beautiful beach island, there really is something for everyone here. And even if you are scuba diving, you still have time after the dives to enjoy the other activities the island has to offer.

Scuba diving
Fall in love with scuba diving

Underwater Meditation: The Connection between Scuba Diving and Yoga.

Diver hovering in meditation position.

Scuba diving once had a reputation as an extreme sport similar to the ones mentioned on betting sites such as 벳엔드 먹튀, but like most stereotypes, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With more and more people taking to the underwater world to relax, Scuba diving has a lot more in common with yoga and meditation than you might think.

In fact, these activities build skills that perfectly complement each other, making you better at both. Yoga combines breathing exercises (pranayama) and physical postures (asanas) to bring about a meditative state that promotes a healthy body and mind.  For more information about healthy supplements visit Exipure site.

Yoga poses by the pool

If you are looking for ways to de-stress and live more in the present moment, scuba diving can provide the tranquillity you have been searching for. On land, it is hard to switch off, but when you dive your worries are left at the surface.  And if you’re a hardcore yogi already, you’re sure to fall in love with scuba diving! This is how javaburn works.

Already a diver? Start practicing yoga or meditation on and you’ll significantly improve your diving experience. You will start to notice your dives will last longer, buoyancy will be better, and you’ll be able to deal with any stressful or challenging situations that occur more easily.

It’s much easier to relax when all you can hear is bubbles.

Relaxing on the boat

Most of us are aware of the positive effects of meditation, of taking time out to calm our minds. But we also know that this is much easier said than done. With our often hectic schedules meditation tends to slip to the bottom of our priorities. Even when we do find the time, we struggle as our minds tend to wander and take us off course. This is where scuba diving comes in. Underwater meditation is highly accessible. As scuba divers, we achieve a meditative state of mind almost every time we enter the water, becoming more aware of our bodies as we connect our breathing with our movement.

Just below the waters surface
Leave your worries at the surface.

The sensations of diving can create a deep sense of calmness that is much more difficult to achieve on land. The ocean provides the perfect place to quiet your mind and truly focus on the present moment. Your phone won’t ring underwater and you can’t be distracted by social media. You don’t have to make a mental effort to get away from the real world because physically, you already have! Scuba diving provides your brain with serene alternatives to focus on; from the abundant marine life, to the colourful corals, and array of beautiful blue hues. Check out the latest nitrilean reviews.

Remember to breathe.

The number one rule is scuba diving is ‘never hold your breath’. Like yoga, scuba diving focuses on one key factor: breathing. Continuous and steady breathing is a skill that every yogi and scuba diver needs.

Bubbles underwater

Yoga places emphasis on proper inhalation and exhalation, as breathing is considered the essential connection between body and mind. This is just as important in scuba diving, where we learn to relax through slow and steady breathing. Practiced regularly, yoga promotes deep, slow breathing and teaches you how to calm your mind. These techniques encourage the body to use the full capacity of the lungs and absorb and use oxygen more efficiently.

Diver hovering with a turtle below on the reef.
Hover weightless in the water, at one with your surruondings.

The impulse to breathe is triggered by the buildup of carbon dioxide rather than the desire for oxygen. If you do not exhale fully, the carbon dioxide can build up in your body. This triggers irregular and shallow breathing which can lead to increased anxiety and panic underwater. So, by exhaling fully, you remove more carbon dioxide which keeps your breathing steady and feeling calm. These are the best Exipure reviews.

By using this breathing pattern, you won’t only improve your buoyancy and air consumption, giving you more quality time underwater, but you’ll also create a more relaxed mind and body. Something we all could use a little bit more of!  

Remain calm under pressure.

Turtle under the surface..

With all the heavy gear, awkward movements, and new sensations, scuba diving can be a little stressful in the beginning. Even experienced divers can become anxious, particularly in a new environment or under challenging conditions. Yoga teaches you how to remain calm and refocus your mind, helping you to deal with challenging situations more effectively. You become more aware of when you are breathing irregularly or becoming anxious, concentrate on calming yourself by bringing your breath to the centre of your attention again.

Not only will you feel more assured and at ease, your experience will also become more vivid and meaningful. A diver who is relaxed in body, breath, and mind, becomes one with the water. When tension and anxiety is removed, and you can completely indulge in the present moment. The stillness of yoga allows you to let go and just ‘be’ in the water, fully appreciating the moment.

The best way to observe a fish, is to become a fish.” – Jacques Cousteau.

Strengthen your body as well as your mind.

Yoga pose by the pool

From carrying equipment to climbing back up on to the boat, or even just swimming at the surface to the entry point, Scuba diving can be a physically demanding activity. Yoga is not just about calming the mind, it’s also about strengthening the body. The physical postures (asanas) practised in Yoga strengthen and stretch muscles that are important in diving. This reduces the risk of injuries and helps prevent overexertion, which can lead to the feeling of breathlessness and increased anxiety when diving, although we all know diving is dangerous and accidents may happen, so for any accident that resulted in injury getting the right legal help is essential for this. Yoga is a great way to stay in good shape for diving, making the activity less strenuous, and therefore much more safe and enjoyable.

Yoga heightens your awareness of your body, awareness of your place and movement in the water. The way you learn to move during a yoga class, gracefully from one posture to the next, with slow controlled movements, is exactly how you should move underwater when diving. As water is denser than air, you need to make slow and measured movements to reduce the resistance and glide efficiently through the water. Swimming in this way, with minimal effort, also conserves your energy and therefore the air in your tank.

The benefits of underwater meditation stretch far beyond your actual bottom time.

Diver hovering underwater

Meditation trains the mind to be calm and completely absorbed in the present moment. When you dive in this heightened state of awareness, you can improve your alertness and composure in stressful situations, as well as expand your sense of wonder, appreciation, and oneness with the ocean.

Regular meditation significantly reduces stress and anxiety, increasing our ability to cope with challenging situations. Which in turn improves our relationships, concentration, sleep, general wellbeing and happiness. If that doesn’t have you reaching for your wetsuit, then other benefits of meditation include; strengthening your immune system, slowing ageing, longer life expectancy as well as a reduced risk of depression and hypertension.

Ready for an underwater meditation session?

Sea fan

The drift diving around the Gili Islands provides a unique way to experience the meditative quality of scuba diving. In drift diving, we rely on the natural currents to gently and effortlessly glide us through the water. Without moving a muscle, we can float through schools of tropical fish, past resting turtles and over mesmerising coral reefs, allowing us to focus on our breathing and enjoying the present moment.

We have many different options for refining your underwater meditation techniques.

You can discover scuba diving in as little as half a day and experience the peace that the underwater world can offer you. As a qualified diver, we have 3 drift dives a day where you can get your dose of marine zen or you can take part in one of our further education courses to train you to become a master of underwater breathing techniques and move effortlessly through the water.

Diver hoovering mid water

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality or the Peak Performance Buoyancy adventure dive as part of the Advanced course, can teach you the tips and tricks to control your buoyancy through your breath, increases your awareness of your body underwater and help reduce your air consumption.

If you really want to delve deeper into the connection between yoga, meditation and scuba diving we offer the PADI Yoga Diver Distinctive Speciality. This course combines pranayama (breathing practices) and asanas (physical postures) to enable you to discover your own rhythm in the water. Through yoga and meditation sessions on land you learn techniques that you will later practice underwater, focusing on heightening your awareness of your body and breathing. This course will enable you to fully relax and improve not only your air consumption, buoyancy control and movements but also your overall diving experience and wellbeing. We also offer the PADI Distinctive Yoga Speciality Instructor course for Instructors wanting to expand their skill set. Alternatively, you may practise yoga by the pool with best pool filters.

Yoga by the pool

Alternatively, Air Spa, onsite at our dive resort, offers private yoga sessions which can be tailored to support your diving. Our dedicated yoga teacher will create a specific class that concentrates on poses and breathing techniques to enhance your diving experience. This is an ideal way to prepare both you mind and body for your dive.  

Whatever option you choose, we hope that you find your peace both above and below the water.

Diver staring out to sea