Gili Shark Conservation Divemaster Internship


Addie’s Gili Shark Conservation Divemaster Internship

If you are an aspiring marine biologist with a love for diving and the ocean, the Divemaster Internship through the Gili Shark Conservation (GSC) project is the perfect project to take on. Any PADI professional will tell you the divemaster course is fun and challenging, and added to the responsibility of being a research assistant, it becomes incredibly rewarding to someone with a passion for conservation. Though it can seem like a lot on ones plate to be involved in professional diving training while also going on research dives and working with data, thanks to the staff of Oceans 5 Gili Air and GSC, I never once felt like it was too much.

Gili Shark conservation Gili Air
Gili Shark conservation Gili Air

Throughout the divemaster training, everyone was incredibly supportive with helping me complete my training while also participating on research dives. We all worked closely together to ensure my training was thorough, fun, and successful in both the diving and research aspects. Because of the stellar training I received, I felt confident and extremely excited to take on the added responsibility of guiding research dives towards the end of the internship.

The lessons I’ve learned and the opportunities I’ve been given through this internship have made me so much better equipped to pursue my dreams while also allowing me make wonderful memories and lifelong friendships. I know I always have a family on this island no matter where I take the skills I’ve gained here.