Wreck diving around the Gili Islands in Indonesia

Wreck diving around the Gili Islands gives divers a totally different experience comparing when they dive a coral reef.

Wreck diving around the Gili Islands

Why wreck diving?

Diving a construction underwater that doesn’t belong there on the first place can increase the marine diversity on that area. The biodiversity that can be supported by them is commonly world-class, attracting all manner of species, from the smallest of macro life to the giants of the sea.  The wrecks will be covered over time with coral and will act as natural coral reef. 

Like in any other form of diving, wreck diving takes pride in the marine biodiversity that has grown around and inside a shipwreck. Some of the most breathtaking underwater habitat actually formed from wrecks that scuba divers dream of exploring.

Many divers also find wreck diving interesting because they are intrigued with the sunken ship’s exciting or tragic history. Stories of the wreck add up to the excitement of the exploration, some even considered underwater cultural heritage and significant archaeological sites.

Furthermore, a wreck dive site proves to be a challenge for divers especially for beginners. The procedure in this type of diving differs from others in a sense that it requires more training for the higher risks it possess.

Diving around the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands offer two dive sites with wrecks:

  • Bounty Wreck
  • Glenn Nusa
Wreck diving in Indonesia

Bounty Wreck

The Bounty Wreck is located at the Southwest side of Gili Meno. It is a sunken jetty. The story about the Bounty Wreck tells that the local community bombed the jetty in 2000. The name of the jetty is related to the resort to whom the jetty belongs and the fast boat that brought visitors from Bali to the Gili Islands. 

Over time the Bounty Wreck became popular for scuba divers. The wreck is a home for a big school of Drummer fish and Rabbit Fish. Divers will find these schools at the side of the wreck swimming against the current.  The wreck is also a perfect place to spot macro life, like Frogfish, Sea moth, Pygmy seahorse, and Nudibranch.

Bounty Wreck Gili Meno

Glenn Nusa

Between the dive sites Halik and Sharkpoint the wreck Glenn Nusa is situated. In 2016 the Glenn Nusa was sunk to create a new dive site. Before the Glenn Nusa became a wreck it was a tugboat. The ship is 22 meters tall and 6 meters high. It has open spaces which scuba diving instructor can use to teach the penetration dive of the wreck specialty.  

These days the Glenn Nusa attracts Sharks, Trevallies, Sweatlips, Groupers and Snappers. 

Glenn Nusa Gili Trawangan

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