MotoGP is back in Indonesia

On the 8 of October 2021 Dorna Sports, the MotoGP operator, officially announced that Madalika Circuit in South Lombok will host the MotoGP event on March 18 to March 20 in 2022.

MotoGP in Indonesia

MotoGP is back in Indonesia

Finally after 25 years Indonesia host a MotoGP again. The last Indonesian Grands Prix were held in 1997 at the Sentul International Circuit in Bogor, West Java. Valentino Rossi won at that year the 125cc category. The Asian crisis affected the Indonesian economy in 1998 so badly that the races was taking of the race calendar and never returned. Indonesia was replaced by Malaysia. 

Sport Tourism

The last couple of years Indonesia support the sports tourism sector. It hosted in 2018 the Asian Games, in 2019 the ASEAN School Games and hopefully it will get the 2032 Summer Olympics. The Mandalika International Street Circuit in Lombok is a beach front location close to Kuta Beach on one of the most amazing islands of Indonesia. The Indonesian government points Lombok as one of the key pillars for tourism and property investment. The last couple of years Lombok welcomed lots of new of investors. And by hosting the MotoGP in Lombok the government hopes that Lombok will be well known as a sporting destination. Also keep in mind that Indonesia has the larges motor racing fan base in the world, with a population of 270 million citizens.

Gili Air

Gili Air is located on the North West side of Lombok. It is by car and boat 2 hours away from the Mandalika Circuit in Kuta Lombok. Boats will transfer the race visitors from Gili Air to the harbor in Lombok. This can be Bangsal, Teluk Nare or Teluk Kodek. From there cars will bring them to the Mandalika Street Circuit.

Oceans 5 Gili Air is a boutique dive resort straight in the harbor of Gili Air. It is a perfect spot to combine the race with a holiday before or after the MotoGP. Because the perfect location of Oceans 5 it doesn’t take a lot of time to get over to Lombok. All boats are arriving and departing in the front of the dive resort. And Gili Air is a tropical coconut paradise island with amazing sunsets over the Agung in Bali.

Oceans 5 Gili Air

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