Getting your PADI

“Getting your PADI” is one of the famous phrases along travellers, but what does it really mean? 

Travellers are dealing with a misconception. They are thinking that PADI is the name of the entry level scuba diving course and don’t know that actually PADI is one of the biggest diving organizations in the world.

Getting your PADI at 10 years old

What is P.A.D.I?

In 1966, two passionate divers created the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). PADI was one of the first diving organizations that developed teaching materials for entry-level divers till professional divers. They became in the 80’s the leading scuba diving organization in the world. Because of this people are relating them to the first scuba certification course. As a dive instructor you will hear the phrase “I like to get my PADI” lots of times during your instructor time.

Getting your PADI

Getting your PADI means getting certified as entry-level scuba diver. They offers 2 entry-level certifications:

  1. PADI Scuba Diver
  2. PADI Open Water Diver

PADI Scuba Diver Course

The PADI Scuba Diver Course is a subset of the PADI Open Water Diver Course. The course is made for people who are short in time or for people who always want to dive with dive professional.

To enroll in a Scuba Diver Course the student must be minimal 10 years old and need to be in good physical health. Scuba diving experience is not required. 

The PADI Scuba Diver Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Getting your PADI at Oceans 5

Oceans 5 Gili Air offers a Scuba Diver Course over 2 days. The student will be trained by one of their experienced dive instructors.

There is first a theoretical part during the course. The students will learn about the diving principles and terminology. 

After that the instructor will take the students to the pool. The students will be introduced to the basic scuba diving skills. When the instructor thinks that the students are ready, he will take them out for 2 dives in the ocean till a maximum depth of 12 meters. A dive boat brings the students and instructor to one of the dive sites.  The dive instructor will be always during the dive close to their students for safety. 

After two days the dive instructor will certify the students as long they met all the performance requirements of the Scuba Diver Course. This certification is for lifetime and later it can be upgraded to the Open Water Diver certification.

PADI Open Water Diver Course

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the first scuba diving certification level. The Open Water Course is the worlds most accepted and acknowledged scuba course. Millions have learned to scuba dive and most have continued to explore the mysteries and marvels of the aquatic paradise through this course.

To enroll in an Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be a minimum of 10 years old. You need sufficient swimming skills and want to be in suitable physical health. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

The Open Water Diver course involves three stages:

  • Knowledge Development to understand basic principles of scuba diving
  • Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills
  • Open Water Dives to use your skills and discover!

The PADI Open Water Diver Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Become a PADI Open Water Diver

Oceans 5 conducts Open Water Diver Courses in 3-4 days. During these days the students will be trained to become a diver with confidence that can dive indecently to a depth not greater than 18 meter.

Our experienced dive instructors are teaching the entire course. The course has 4 dives in the ocean. These are just a few minutes away from our dive shop. Oceans 5 tries that the students will visit 4 different dive sites during the course, but all is depending on the weather and water conditions.

Oceans 5 Gili Air cares about their students that are why they organize courses only in small groups, maximal 4 students per instructor. The dive instructor will have a personal connection with the students and doesn’t see the students as a number. 

Become a diver in Indonesia

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