The prestigious PADI Award for Outstanding Contribution to Ocean Conservation is presented to Oceans 5 Gili Air

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The prestigious PADI Award for Outstanding Contribution to Ocean Conservation

Gili Air Oceans 5

Oceans 5 Gili Air has received an award from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) for their exceptional contributions to ocean conservation, a significant acknowledgement of their ongoing dedication to marine conservation. This award honours not only their ongoing efforts to protect marine habitats but also their creative way of incorporating environmental responsibility into their dive instruction and community service projects.

Conservation Integrated into Business Philosophy

Nestled on Indonesia’s tranquil Gili Air island, Oceans 5 has integrated environmental awareness into every aspect of its business. Conservation is given great weight in the diving center’s concept, which is reflected in every facet of their operations, including daily dive instruction classes.

Community and Environmental Projects

Participating actively in weekly beach and reef clean-ups, the Oceans 5 crew has helped to combat marine pollution and educate divers about the value of environmental preservation. They go above and beyond simple involvement; they are among the main sponsors of the Gili Air Clean Up Day, an occasion that inspires the locals to tidy and preserve the environment.

Furthermore, Oceans 5 and the University of Mataram have developed a fruitful collaboration that funds marine research initiatives that try to comprehend and lessen the effects of human activities on the marine ecosystems of the Gili Islands. In the area, scientific research and conservation plans have advanced greatly thanks to this cooperation.

Making Conservation History

In a historic development for Indonesia, in 2023 Oceans 5 became the first foreign investment firm to list conservation status in its official business documents. In addition to highlighting their dedication to environmental preservation, this extraordinary action establishes a standard for corporate responsibility in marine conservation.

Next Plans and Community Support

The PADI award is proof of Oceans 5’s creative conservation strategy. “Everyone at Oceans 5 is quite proud of this achievement. It confirms the major influence of our marine initiatives. We are motivated to push even harder by this, an Oceans 5 spokesman stated.

Future-focused, Oceans 5 is not sitting back. The dive centre has big goals to start fresh marine initiatives and create ground-breaking concepts to support environmentally friendly diving methods. These programmes are remarkable for their independence; unlike many conservation programmes that depend on NGOs or other marine conservation organisations, Oceans 5’s projects are self-funded and administered, guaranteeing that the results are decided only by the merits of the projects themselves.

Apart from its environmental activities, Oceans 5 is devoted to the community. Offering chances to become PADI Divemasters helps the locals become more knowledgeable and dedicated to marine conservation. Oceans 5 also helps regional marine biologists create their research plans, which are essential to the long-term management of the marine resources in the Gili Islands.


Oceans 5 Gili Air continues to establish a benchmark for marine conservation, so PADI’s recognition of them is a celebration of their accomplishments and a source of motivation for next ocean stewardship projects. Oceans 5 is really creating waves in the worldwide endeavour to preserve the priceless marine ecosystems on our planet with its all-encompassing approach to conservation, education, and community involvement.

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