Diving Into the Future: Universitas Mataram and Oceans 5 Gili Air Create a Novel Route in Marine Conservation

Partnership Universitas Mataram’s Faculty of Agriculture and Oceans 5

Nestled in the blue embrace of the Bali Sea, the peaceful Gili Islands are the hub of an innovative partnership between Universitas Mataram’s Faculty of Agriculture and Oceans 5 Gili Air, a champion of marine conservation. With both organisations coming together around a same vision for the future of our oceans, this synergy represents a significant turning point in the preservation of marine biodiversity.

Two-year Agreement

Marine Conservation

With this two-year agreement, Oceans 5 Gili Air is excited to take marine conservation activities to new heights. Universitas Mataram has led scholarly study in marine ecosystems since the founding of its marine science faculty in 2019. The university’s ambitious research approaches are already being used in the field, surrounding the vibrant coral reefs of the Gili Islands, thanks to the sponsorship of Oceans 5.

Acclaimed for its dedication to environmental conservation, the Oceans 5 dive resort offers Universitas Mataram students a special opportunity to put theory into practise. The partnership involves the donation of necessary tools and knowledge for surveys conducted by snorkelers and scuba divers, which are vital aspects of modern marine research.

The indisputable necessity to comprehend and safeguard marine ecosystems—which are under increasing threat from human activity and climate change—is the driving force behind the formation of this cooperation. An excellent living laboratory for this project is the Gili Islands, which are well-known for their breathtaking coral reefs and varied marine life.

Facilities provided by Oceans 5 Gili Air

As part of the partnership, Oceans 5 is providing boats, snorkelling kits, scuba gear and the collective knowledge of its knowledgeable guides—who have been trained by Reef Check Indonesia—to the upcoming generation of marine scientists. This nonprofit organisation focuses on giving people the knowledge and tools they need to protect our seas and reefs. Students will gain practical experience with the meticulous techniques of scientific surveys, which are essential for determining coral reef health and developing conservation plans.

Oceans 5’s contribution goes beyond just providing gear. They assist these aspiring marine scientists in navigating the complexities of fieldwork by acting as mentors and stewards. Additionally, the alliance offers a model for how businesses and educational institutions might work together to accomplish environmental objectives.

With the help of this collaboration, students will take part in a range of activities, such as researching how tourism affects the marine environment and tracking the richness of reef fish populations. This practical experience, which combines academic rigour with real-world application of abilities, is invaluable.

Commitment to community

The partnership also demonstrates Oceans 5’s commitment to community involvement. The initiative is to guarantee that the advantages of marine preservation are recognised and appreciated by everyone by incorporating local stakeholders and encouraging a culture of conservation. Community education and sustainable practises are key to the partnership’s ideology.

In addition, the project is in line with international endeavours to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, especially Goal 14—life below water. It draws attention to how important local action is to the worldwide effort to save the planet’s natural resources.

The partnership between Universitas Mataram and Oceans 5 goes beyond the traditional lines separating academia and business. It is a ray of hope, heralding in a new age in which protecting our oceans is a shared responsibility. The alliance is creating a model for sustainable interaction with our marine environments by fusing research with hands-on conservation initiatives.

As the project progresses, its value will be assessed not only by the information gathered and the publications produced, but also by the vibrant marine ecosystem surrounding the Gili Islands, the students who gain confidence and turn into ardent marine defenders, and the deeper connection that exists between people and the water.

There will be difficulties along the way, but there is also hope for discovery and a chance to make a big difference in marine conservation. The collaboration between Oceans 5 Gili Air and Universitas Mataram is paving the way for a more informed, considerate, and long-lasting interaction with our planet’s priceless marine ecosystems with every dive, survey, and student’s enlightened understanding.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Oceans 5 Gili Air and the Faculty of Agriculture at Universitas Mataram is a brilliant example of proactive participation and innovation in marine conservation at a time when the globe struggles with environmental challenges. It is an urgent appeal to everyone who thinks that working together can bring about significant change. The project’s ongoing development will surely spur other global endeavours of a similar nature, spreading the message that we hold the power to protect our oceans and that community engagement, research, and education are the best ways to do so.

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