The 3 Gili Islands: small tropical paradises

The 3 Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Islands Indonesia

Gili Islands Indonesia

Gili Air

The 3 Gili Islands, small paradises, are located east of Bali, reachable in 1 hour and 30 minutes by fast boat.

The 3 islands have different characteristics, but Gili Air is the one which can provide the most enjoyable stay for everyone! From the sandy white beaches where you can snorkel from, to the quiet and green center of the island, or the large choices of restaurants and bars.

Different activities are available on Gili Air, such as yoga retreat, snorkeling, horse riding, cooking classes and of course diving!

Gili Islands Lombok

Gili Islands Lombok

Diving the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a fantastic place to dive. Being a beginner or an experimented diver, these 3 little islands, situated on the North of Lombok, are an incredible underwater playground.
With more than 25 dive sites, they please everyone. The different topographies of the sites such as walls, slopes, wrecks, canyons offer a large variety of marine species.

Turtles around Lombok

The Gili Islands are very famous for the Green and Hawksbill turtles but not only that.
Among the common tropical reef fishes, you will have the opportunity to spot sharks, such as white and black tips, humpheads, cuttlefishes, octopuses, but also some macro species such as seahorses, many different kind of nudis, ghost pipefishes…
This tropical heaven is an ideal place for everyone. If you have never dived before, and you fancy taking a plunge, a lot of dive sites are ideally made for it.
If you are an experienced diver and you hope for more challenges, you can for sure get the fun and adrenaline with the deep dive sites and the drift dives.
Finally, if you are a Tech diver, you can also enjoy the different wrecks, like the Japanese wreck for which the average depth is 45 meters.

As said, diving the Gilis is a must and will provide an unforgettable experience.

Dive Resort Oceans 5 Gili Air

We are a PADI 5 star Career Development Center. We have multi ligual PADI Instructors who can teach you in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, Turkish and Bahasa Indonesian. The groups are small, maximun 4 persons per instructor.

For the fun divers we have 4 experienced local guides with more than 10.000 dives under their belts. These guys are the ones, you like to guide you through the tropical water of the Gili Islands. The can show you all the good stuff, small and big, here.

Because of we are a PADI 5 star Career Development Center we offer twelve PADI Instructor Courses during 2017. This is possible because of the 4 in the house PADI Couse Directors. The course takes 14 days and this in included with the Emergency First Response Course.

If you like to have more information about Gili Air, our accommodation or PADI Diving Courses write us an email at


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My road during the PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily Perle

My road during the PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily


PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily

PADI IDC Gili Air by Emily


Captains log Entry #1:

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing but good ole fundives with the Oceans 5 Gili Air crew. Then our fearless leader, Queen Giny said: “We start tomorrow with a IDC IDC Gili Air prep”. That was it. Our lives would change forever. Surely there was no more fun to be had. Ever.

But thats not what happened. PADI IDC Gili Air Prep was basically just going over Divemaster theory. As our knowledge on k and j valves grew, so did your little group. Everyday our numbers increased, until we finally had morphed into the full-fledged PADI IDC Gili Air army of little Giny Warriors that we are now.

Then came the classroom, and with the classroom, seemingly neverending hours of sunshine, which we could not enjoy. Also mating sharks. Today will be the first day of pool training. The tension grows. We are now at war. This is the moment we have all be trained for. I dont know if we will all make it, lesser divers have fallen into the abyss of chlorine swimmingpools.

Captains Log entry #2

After all, we made it. Queen Giny made us make it. Fast forward to one night before the PADI IE. Why were we ever even worried about the confined water? Between now and the first confined water presentation much has happened. About 17000 ear infections, the odd IDC Beers, one million three houndred thousand and 7 whoooop whoooops, Knowledge Developments, one too many true facts videos and many Open Water and Pool practices later: we are now ready. At least we feel ready. In German the word for ‘ready’ can also be used for ‘exhausted’. But no, we are ready. Prepared, pumped and pretty. The three Ps of life. No, scratch that. That is not in the General Standards and Procedures. We only trust general standards and procedures. Nothing is or ever will be as sacred at general standards and procedures. Queen Giny said so. Queen Giny must know. Queen Giny knows best. On this note i must end todays entry. Hopefully the next entry will be made as an Instructor.

And they became a PADI Dive Instructor with PADI IDC Gili Air

Emily Perle, PADI IDC Gili Air class February 2017

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Last November Oceans 5 Gili Air finished its last PADI IDC Lombok with 6 PADI scuba dive instructor candidates. After a 13 days instructor development course all passed the PADI Instructor Examination with brilliant scores. One of the PADI IDC Lombok candidates, Danni, likes to share his experiences with the PADI dive instructor course.

PADI IDC Lombok in Indonesia

PADI IDC Lombok in Indonesia



This is his story:

I thought the PADI IDC Lombok was very good, I found the course quite intensive.
I really enjoyed the pool and open water sections but not so much the classroom but that’s only because I really don’t enjoy classroom activities.
I really like how were all worked as a team, any questions or things that I was stuck on were answered/explained very well . I found this to be a great help.
I really like how everything that I needed was provide for example eRDP, calculators etc…
I felt the IDC really prepared me to work in the dive industry as an instructor.
The PADI Instructor Examination (IE ) was also very well organized.
I felt all the staff/members of the dive centre were very welcoming.
Overall I would highly recommend Oceans 5 Gili Air to anyone that wants to do their PADI IDC Gili Air and IE.
I would like to say a big thanks Giny, Joeri any everyone from Oceans 5.
Danni McManus

Oceans 5 Gili Air is a PADI 5 star Career Development Centre located on the Gili Islands in Indonesia. It has 3 in the house course directors, Joeri van Hal, Giny Pinto and Sander Buis. They cover the following languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French. There is on Japanese and Chinese speaking PADI IDC staff instructor on side.

Oceans 5 offers in 2017 twelve PADI Scuba Dive Instructor Courses. Every month there will be one.

If you like to have more information about the PADI IDC Lombok dates or the PADI Instructor Development Course prices write us an email at

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PADI IDC Gili Air: Scuba Diving Instructor Course


Last November there was the last PADI Instructor Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air. Oceans 5 had 6 candidates and one of them was Sylvain. Sylvain was already a SSI dive instructor and did the cross over to PADI. One the reasons is that he will be more employable and he will find easier work in the dive industry. Good reason do start your dive instructor course with PADI IDC Gili Air.

PADI IDC Gili Air: Scuba Diving Instructor Course

PADI IDC Gili Air: Scuba Diving Instructor Course

Sylvain wrote his PADI IDC Gili Air experiences:

“I did my PADI IDC Gili Air at Ocean 5 in November with Ginny and Joerie, It was a really good trainning, very professionnal with a lot of support from the whole of Ocean’s 5 team.

The 2 weeks went by very quickly, between the theory, the pool sessions, the open water sessions and the workshop.

Everything is very well organised in training you to become a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor.”

Oceans 5 Gili Air is a PADI 5 star Career Development Center in Indonesia. It has 3 in the house PADI Scuba Diving Course Directors, Joeri van Hal, Giny Pinto and Sander Buis. All together they have more than 30 years of diving experience in diving around the Gili Island. They know how it is, how to dive the Gilis.

Next year Oceans 5 has scheduled 12 PADI IDCs at Gili Air. This mean there will be every month a possibility to become a PADI Dive Instructor. Oceans 5 offers PADI IDC Gili Air in different languages, like English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese.

If you like to have more information about the PAD IDC Gili Air dates or Instructor Course prices write us an email at



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Indonesia PADI IDC

Indonesia PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air


Pourquoi choisir Oceans 5 Dive Resort pour votre formation de professorat PADI?


Indonesia PADI IDC at a Oceans 5 Gili Air

Indonesia PADI IDC at a Oceans 5 Gili Air

A la recherche d’un centre de formation PADI pour votre formation d’instructeur? Le choix sur internet peut vous paraitre impossible, tant d’informations!!! Laissez nous vous aider dans votre choix: pourquoi choisir Oceans 5 Dive Resort sur la petite ile tropicale de Gili Air en Indonésie?

Regardons en premier lieu les facteurs que vous recherchez pour votre formation:

Professionalisme Ö

Fun Fun Fun!! Ö

Attention personelle Ö

Devenir un modèle à suivre Ö

Aspiration à devenir un leader Ö

Petits groupes Ö

Aspiration à devenir un bon instructeur et non simplement passer un examen Ö

Langues: français, anglais, néerlandais, espagnol, chinois, allemand, turque Ö

A Oceans 5 Dive Resort à Gili Air, Indonésie, nous avons le luxe d’avoir 3 Courses Directeurs à temps complet et de pouvoir vous offrir les IDC dans 7 langues. Cela signifie que vous pouvez beneficier des meilleures conditions d’apprentissage et d’une formation, sur mesure en petit groupe. Nous vous donnons donc toutes les chances d’une réussite assurée en tant qu’instructeur de plongée PADI.

Consacrant son but dans la création d’individus hautement professionnels, Oceans 5 Dive Resort fier de son succès sur la prestation de qualité à tous les niveaux de l’éducation et sur l’investissement dans des installations de classe mondiale pour créer un environnement d’apprentissage détendu: 2 grandes piscines, une enorme sale de classe climatisée, un bateau et son equipage dédié aux IDC et des équipements de haute qualité.

Alors pourquoi ne pas combiner votre apprentissage en profitant de l’ile tropicale de Gili Air, Indonésie, une petite île entourée d’une immense biodiversité sous-marine où aucun transport motorisé n’est autorisé et où à fin de la journée nous regardons le coucher du soleil en sirotant une Pina Colada !!

Contactez nous pour plus d’information sur, ou visitez notre site:

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PADI IDC of Julien

PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air


Julien's PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Julien’s PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air


Beginning of July Julien walked into the diving shop. He has a dream: he likes to become a PADI Dive Instructor. He was lucky because of that  Oceans 5 Gili Air conducts every month a PADI IDC. So he started straight away his PADI IDC preparation with PADI Course Directors Joeri, Giny and Sander. We will help Julien to achieve his dream!

The next PADI Instructor Course starts the 11th of August with Joeri and Giny


Julien’s PADI Instructor Course

J’au passé mon IDC en juillet 2016 sur la petite ile paradisiaque de Gili air, en Indonésie entouré d’un super groupe de plongeur venu d’un peu partout. Ayant passé mon Divemaster quelques années plus tôt, j’ai profité de l’opportunité que me donnait mon centre de plongée Océan 5 pour arriver une semaine avant et effectuer une pré-prépa et également faire quelques fun dive à l’oeil.

J’ai ainsi pu commencer la formation IDC plus sereinement même si bien sur celle ci m’a demandée beaucoup d’implication et de travail. Nos instructeurs Joery et Giny ont su s’adapter au rythme de chacun d’entre nous tant au niveau de la langue que pour la pédagogie. Et grâce aux bonnes structures d’Océan 5, ainsi que de la super ambiance entre tous, la formation à été un vrai bonheur. Je vous souhaite à tous de pouvoir préparer votre PADI IDC dans ces conditions, c’est le top. Un grand merci à OCEAN 5.


if you are interested in doing your PADI Scuba Diving Training with Oceans 5 Gili Air, write Joeri or Giny an email at



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Take the PADI IDC in our own language

Starting your PADI IDC Gili

When you are looking around to start your PADI IDC Gili you will not only compare the price! There are a lot of reason for starting a course at other places than were the PADI IDC is the cheapest.


PADI IDC Gili Islands with PADI Course Directors Joeri and Giny

PADI IDC Gili Islands with PADI Course Directors Joeri and Giny

But at the end you will invest a lot of money in your future. You have to pay for the IDC, EFRI, PADI and EFR fees, PADI materials and maybe for a MSDT program.

A lot of people saved this amount of money by working hard in their home town or emptying their bank saving. They want to follow their dream to become a PADI Instructor and they want to work at a tropical island like Gili Air.

Starting the Instructor Training Course with the pressure, you have to pass it because you have to pay your debt back or all your savings are gone, doesn’t help you to relax.

But is it your dream and you like to do it this way, Oceans 5 has more ways to get you relax during the PADI IDC. For example is English is not your native speaking language than you don’t have to worry. Oceans 5 has 3 in the house course directors and they cover the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. Also there is a Staff Instructor who speaks Chinese and Japanese. During the IDC you will always have some little problems or questions, so what is easier to ask them in your own languages and get the answer in the same language.

Another benefit of the Instructor Training Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air is, the confined sessions will be done in a separate training pool from all the other courses. This give you as candidate the time and space for your Confined Presentation without thinking about other students or other instructors passing or swimming around you.

If you like to have more information about the PADI IDC Gili Islands write an email to Course Director Giny or Joeri at


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Gili Island Etiquette

Gili Island Etiquette



No bikinis on the streets

No bikinis on the streets


Why do you want to travel to the Gili Islands in Indonesia? Just like a lot of people you are probably want to discover tropical places and different cultures, open your mind, your heart and have fun. When travelling, it is important to blend in and respect the local populations we are visiting so that we don’t offend anyone and fully live the experience of travelling abroad.

So if you are coming to visit the tropical paradise of the Gili Islands, please note a few local dos and donts to help you have a happy stay:


– In the local culture, it is very rude to point with the feet, so if you need to show something, use your hands

– When giving or receiving something, when eating or touching use your right hand. The left hand is used for other businesses…

– Remove your shoes when entering a building and wait to be invited to sit if you are a guest.

– Smiling and having fun happen naturally when on holiday. Some situations can sometimes be a little frustrating or tiring. Try and deal with these keeping a smile on, the issue will be resulted much easier. Shouting and screaming are very counterproductive and rarely brings a solution. Just keep smiling!

Dress Codes:

As most of the population on the Gili Islands and being located in Asia and mostly muslim, the dress codes here are very different than in the western world. People are modest and cover their body and sometimes their head. Of course as tourists, we are not expected to dress the same way, but we are expected to be respectful! There are signs around the islands, which keep on being ignored. So please be aware!!

– When walking around the island and in villages, tourists need to wear clothes, shorts and t-shirts are good, bikinis are not. When in doubt, put it on!

– On the beach or on a dive boat, bikini and swimwear are accepted, please do note that being topless or wearing very small and revealing bikinis or G-strings are not. So please cover your bits!

We hope that this blog with help you enjoy your holiday and the tropical paradise to the fullest. Please do get in touch on for any further information on etiquette or scuba diving at all levels. Happy Holiday!!

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PADI Divemaster Simone: her story

PADI Divemaster Simone:her story!

PADI Divemaster Simone at Oceans 5 Gili Air.JPG

On beachy sand, close to Gili Air’s pier, Lombok, Indonesia, stands a remarkable building. With the palmtrees, tropical coffee bar and swimming pool in the back, seemed this the perfect place for me to spend a couple of months. I welcome you to the dive shop, and my second home, Oceans 5 Dive Resort.

I am Simone, 23 years old and a proud Dutchy! Last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of doing my Divemaster Candidateship (DMC) in Oceans 5 Dive Resort. I’d already been fun diving with them in November and instantly felt comfortable and happy. So it wasn’t a tough decision to choose a place to do my DMC.

When I arrived in January I was quite blank, I was an advanced open water diver and had 18 dives, but they took good care of me. We started with working on my dive numbers and dive techniques by just making a lot of dives, next to that we also did my EFR and Rescue course and even the Nitrox speciality. In this time we got a lot of workshops and started working on general diving skills. Luckily for me there were a lot of other DMC’s doing the same thing. This helped in so many ways, from just having a good time all together to helping each other out with certain assignments.

PADI Divemaster training at Oceans 5 dive resort Gili Air in Indonesia
During my whole PADI divemaster the instructors at Oceans 5 Dive Resort were all very helpful and competent, with each instructor having his or hers own talents and expertise. Of course different people cause different opinions but also more knowledge. Two know more than one right?! It’s a good thing that Oceans 5 Dive Resort let you work with all those different people so that in the end you have seen a lot of different ways to work and act.
In general I can fully say that the people working in Oceans 5 Dive Resort take a lot of time for you, that they work in a really professional and PADI correct way and that it’s just a nice team and place to be. I really enjoyed my time here and the most important thing is that I can say that I’ve grown a lot in this experience. In the end I’m excited to be at the start of my dive adventure and ready to learn more and more, building on everything I’ve learned so far. Thank you Oceans 5, it has been awesome!
Please contact us on for further information on diving from beginner to professional level, like a PADI Divemaster.

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Giny’s PADI CDTC experience

My PADI CDTC experience

After years of teaching diving at all levels throughout the world, I started the road to the PADI Course Director Training Course in 2014. Sander Buis and Joeri van Hal were great mentors in Oceans 5 Dive Resort in Gili Air, Indonesia and cannot thank them enough for their support. The CDTC is a course for PADI Master Instructors who meet the requirements and have gone through a thorough application process. When successful, the CDTC Candidates become Course Directors and can conduct Instructor Development Courses (IDC) independently and thus, be part of the elite scuba diving instructor trainer community.

PADI CDTC Open Water Dives

I arrived a couple of days before the course started in mid March 2016 to have some time to explore the beautiful region of Sabbah, Malaysia. Once acclimatized, I was ready to embark on the 9 day journey driven by the team of highly experienced and qualified PADI evaluation staff. They guided us through a journey to the Elite!! The course was hosted in the beautiful setting of the Shangri La Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. The hotel is spacious enough to accommodate all the candidates and served us amazing food at lunch and snacks throughout the days. Borneo Divers, the dive shop located in the hotel, took exceptional good care of all of us during the pool and the open water sessions. The latters were held on the gorgeous tropical Mamutik island which gave us all a nice break from the classroom sessions.


Each day, the 42 candidates from over 20 countries and divided in 6 teams, played different roles in various environments: the IDC student role giving IDC presentation in the classroom, in the confined water and in the open water; and the evaluator’s role, role the Course Director has during the IDC. Evaluations on our evaluations were given to us each day, so that we could all progress in the areas we needed. This part of the course, of constantly being evaluated was a little stressful at first for me but throughout the days, as I got to know my teammates and build confidence and managed to relax more and more. During the course, a part of each day was spent in a conference room where, in turn, the PADI team gave us presentations on various topics, thus delivering great tools for teaching at the highest level. The Psychology of Evaluation presentation was one of the most fascinating for me as I have used a lot of psychology through my teachings over the years to get the messages through to students with very different personalities, issues and abilities.

PADI CDTC Open Water Dives

Each team was given a mission at the beginning of the course: build a Dive Operation and attract James Morgan, PADI Americas “Vice President of Training and Customer Service” to do an IDC with this Dive Operation. After many team meetings and brainstorming sessions and utilizing all of our newly acquired skills, Team Hamachi won the final contest of the CDTC!!! We won James’ heart. I felt it was a great team building exercise; we put all of our skills together, broke the language barriers and learnt a lot from each other. Team Hamachi was made of 3 Japanese, 1 Singaporean, 1 American, 1 New Zealander and 1 French. After 9 fun days building skills, team spirit and friendships, PADI put on a great show to reward the hard work of the 42 of us! After an early evening aperitif in the gardens of the Shangri La, the show started!!!! Local dancers invaded the room and got us all to participate to the local Magunatip dance, or bamboo stick dance.   We all laughed a lot as we got our ankles caught between the bamboos and worked up an appetite for the delicious buffet which was served afterwards. Finally, the graduation ceremony started, each of us coming to collect our Course Director diploma from the amazing PADI team. I could feel the support of the whole room and of my team as I collected my reward and the joy of having achieved a big step in my career as a scuba dive professional.


Now it is time to put all the lessons into practice and start a new journey as I start teaching the IDCs in Oceans 5 Dive Center, Gili Air, Indonesia, and guess what? I am super excited!!
Are you thinking of becoming a dive professional and live on a tropical island? For more information in English, French, Spanish or Dutch, please contact me on and visit

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