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Oceans 5 Gili Air received another PADI Award

Oceans 5 Gili received another PADI Award

PADI Career Development Centre Oceans 5 has won in 2020 the PADI Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education. PADI Regional Manager Neil Davidson presented the award last year, during his visit to Gili Air in Indonesia.  

Oceans 5 received a PADI Award

PADI IDC Oceans 5 Dive Resort Gili Air

Oceans 5 opened their doors in April 2010. In a few years they became a PADI Instructor Development Centre by focusing on their teaching qualities. According to the industry sources Oceans 5 is one of the main Career Development Centers in Indonesia. There is only a handful Career Development Centers in Indonesia. 

Oceans 5 offers quality training over quantity training. Not only PADI awarded Oceans 5 with the PADI Career Development Centre rating in 2014, also DDI (Disabled Divers International) awarded them with a DDI Instructor Training Centre rating.

Reactions of the Staff of Oceans 5 Gili Air

Manager Michele McLean is very honored to receive the award.  Quote: “We have continued to provide courses at the highest level and have been able to help uplift the local community by offer free courses and education programs”

Happy Staff after receiving the PADI Award

PADI Master Instructor Warren Beyers feels valuable recognition. Quote: “Years of focusing on our teaching quality, even during the difficult times as earthquakes and the pandemic has resulted in this reward. I am proud to be part of the Oceans 5 team”

PADI Instructor Unus. Quote: “ As a new qualified PADI Instructor I went through the Oceans 5 Scholarship program to become first a Divemaster and now a Scuba Diving Instructor. Oceans 5 gave me the opportunity to achieve my dream, working on Gili Air as a PADI Instructor”

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Oceans 5 dive is a PADI Career Development Centre located on Gili Air in Indonesia . Oceans 5 Gili Air opened in April 2010 their doors on the Gili Islands and became quickly a PADI Instructor Development Centre (IDC). Focussing on their teaching qualities resulted by getting the PADI Career Development Rating by PADI in 2014. The resort has 12 boutique resort bungalows with 2 big pools.
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