Best place to complete your PADI Divemaster Course

The best place to complete your PADI Divemaster course?

Divemaster Course
Divemaster Course

Are you searching for the right destination to complete your PADI Divemaster course? Most dive professionals worldwide can relate to the tedious task of narrowing down the ideal place to start a life as a dive pro. There are many things to consider during this process:

  • including what facilities are available on site
  • the geographical location,
  • what extra training is offered
  • the marine life,
  • environment and conditions in the local area
  • the reputation of the dive center
  • the price.

The price of a PADI Divemaster Course

One mistake that many people make is rushing through this search process and simply choosing the cheapest and fastest option which in turn leads to a stressful experience. Often ending with the student diver feeling unprepared for a career in diving. It is very important to consider your employability at the end of the PADI divemaster course.

Two the key things to think about are. Will you complete the course and be ready to work as a Divemaster and will you be ready and equipped with the necessary knowledge to take the next step and complete the Instructor development course? There is no use in rushing through the course as quickly as you can by only completing the listed skills on the application form. Think of your training as an investment, you need to make sure that you will get the best out of the experience so that upon completion you can get to work as a dive professional.

Divemaster Internship
Divemaster Internship

PADI Divemaster Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Here at Oceans 5 we take pride in offering our PADI Divemaster candidates world class training. Our PADI 5 Star Career Development Resort is situated directly at the harbor of the beautiful tropical island Gili Air. We have close access to all of the dive sites located around the Gili islands and Lombok. Each island is  offering an array of diverse marine life, substrate and conditions, allowing you to gain valuable experience in different surroundings. Our team of enthusiastic, professional instructors from around the world, work with passion and commitment to guarantee that student divers receive quality training while ensuring safety and fun at all times. We are prepared and ready to take you on the life changing journey to becoming a PADI Divemaster. So just one question that we have for you, what are you waiting for?

PADI Divemaster Course
PADI Divemaster Course

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