Achieving the Highest Scores on Your PADI Divemaster and/or Instructor Skill Circuit

Become a PADI Divemaster and/or Instructor

Becoming a certified PADI Divemaster or Instructor is a significant achievement for any diving enthusiast. In order to excel in your certification, it is necessary to not only understand the performance requirements of the skills but also demonstrate a thorough understanding of their purpose. Additionally, being aware of the various ways to showcase skills and transitioning from being a skill performer to a skill teacher are crucial steps towards achieving the highest scores. This article aims to provide valuable tips to help you excel in your PADI Divemaster and/or Instructor skill circuit.

1. Know the Performance Requirements:

One of the first steps towards acing your skill circuit is thoroughly understanding the performance requirements outlined by PADI. In the PADI Instructor Manual, you will find detailed descriptions of each skill, including the criteria you need to meet to demonstrate mastery. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements and practice them consistently to develop confidence and competency.

2. Understand the Purpose of Each Skill:

Every skill in scuba diving serves a specific purpose, whether it’s enhancing safety, addressing potential underwater challenges, or facilitating diver comfort. By comprehending the purpose behind each skill, you can gain a deeper understanding of why it is performed and showcase your knowledge during the skill circuit. Consider the potential real-life scenarios where a particular skill might be applicable and how it contributes to an overall safe and enjoyable diving experience.

PADI Skill Circuit

3. Be Open to Different Approaches:

While there may be instructors who have personal preferences when it comes to demonstrating skills, it is important to remember that the PADI standards and performance requirements take precedence. Focus on understanding and fulfilling these requirements rather than solely adhering to a specific instructor’s preferences. Being adaptable and flexible in your approach will allow you to perform the skills to the required standards.

4. Transition from Performer to Teacher:

As you progress towards becoming an instructor, the skill circuit becomes an opportunity for you to showcase your teaching ability rather than just your personal skill execution. The emphasis shifts from demonstrating the skill yourself to effectively teaching others how to perform it. Understand the key teaching points, effective methods of instruction, and how to provide clear and concise explanations to your students. A successful instructor is one who can guide and inspire others while ensuring safety and best practices.

5. Performance with Flair:

During the skill circuit, and in teaching in general, remember that you are the star of the show. Present yourself confidently and perform skills in a slow and exaggerated manner, as if you were on a Broadway stage. Exaggerating your actions demonstrates control and precision while ensuring that the evaluator can clearly observe your performance. Maintain eye contact, use deliberate movements, and display enthusiasm to command attention and leave a lasting impression.


Scoring high on your PADI Divemaster and/or Instructor skill circuit requires a combination of knowledge, understanding, and effective teaching skills. By understanding the performance requirements, comprehending the purpose of each skill, being adaptable in your approach, transitioning from performer to teacher, and performing skills with flair, you will have a greater chance of achieving the highest scores. Keep practicing, honing your skills, and refining your teaching techniques to become a top-notch diving professional. Good luck!

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