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Earthquake Lombok Update – The Gilis are open!

The 7 Days of Gilis Re-creation

Gili Air is now open for business. Don’t quite believe it, why not come see for yourself?

It’s been an interesting few weeks for us here on The Gilis since the earthquakes that hit North Lombok. And let’s be honest, its definitely taken us a few weeks to get back on our feet. Whilst some businesses are still patching themselves back up, many are now fully operational with more opening every day.

Ever wondered how to recover from an earthquake? Here’s how we did it…

1. First, we turned on the light bulbs – In our heads, and houses.

Running water and electricity are back – Hot water showers included! The streets are lit up. The toilets are flushing. The coffee machines are frothing. And the pools are pumping. The mosque speakers are also working again – Pumping out prayers, daily. But so are a number of our local beach bars – Pumping out funky beats, nightly.

2. The next ingredient needed in our recovery was something to eat!

Gili Air is Open - Bars and Restaurants
Gili Air is Open – Bars and Restaurants

Many restaurants both local and western are back open for business. Including some casino establishment like valley of the gods casino and Startslot casino.

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From a healthy smoothie, gluten free pancake or vegan curry to local delicacies, pizzas and of course burgers, there’s plenty to choose from. And with our local bakery reopening its doors by the beginning of September, BBQ’s on the beach already in full swing, the supermarket supplying and mangoes now in season, there’s not much to be missed or dietary re-quirements we won’t be able to meet.

3. Then we grew tired and realised we needed to sort out the sleeping situation.

Gili Air is Open - Lombok Earthquake
Gili Air is Open – Lombok Earthquake

After some busy bees and building bees, accommodation is once again available on the island for almost any budget. There are hostels, homestays, resorts and private pool villas, all fully operational and looking forward to welcoming new guests.
We know what you’re thinking now. But what about the WIFI!? Luckily the internet has been working throughout this whole saga so we’ve been able to post lots of updates and pics on our social media. Check out Rebuild Gili to keep updated with our progress.
If you do have any concerns about any future bookings, contact your accommodation directly or check out Gili Strong Website if you need to find an alternative as some places do need just a bit more time to get back on their feet.

4. Soon things became a bit boring with so few visitors and not much to do. So we brought back all the activities that make these islands tick.

Diving is Open at the Gili Islands - Earthquake Lombok
Diving is Open at the Gili Islands – Earthquake Lombok

For those wanting to get their feet wet, there’s scuba diving, snorkelling trips or even a sub-wing which has also made a speedy recovery. Earthquake or not we are still keeping up with the times, with the Asian Games and UK Casinos at playing in some bars and restaurants. It’s true that many of the reefs have been altered by the earthquakes, but this means if you are returning you’ll be able to dive a very new dive site with much more fish life as this lull in human traffic has led to some very active underwater traffic.
Or keep your feet dry and enjoy a yoga class, massage, movie night or just relax and read a book on our now especially quiet beaches.

5. So the islands were open, but what about the oceans!

Fast Boats to the Gili Islands - Earthquake Lombok
Fast Boats to the Gili Islands – Earthquake Lombok

Many fast-boats companies from Bali did suspend their services to The Gili Islands in the immediate after-mass of the quake. But now three companies have already resumed their usual service between The Gili Islands, Lombok and Bali. With more opening back up in September. Lombok Airport also remains open and is just a short car and boat ride away. You may buy supplies here to ensure a safe ride.

6. Finally we took a moment to stop and think it all through.

It’s important to be aware that there are still buildings in need of repair. Slowly, but surely all of the buildings are getting restored, rebuild or torn down. We have had no reported accidents from falling debris or unstable structures since the initial quake on the fifth and we intend to keep it that way! Gili Air is not very densely built, so it is very easy to make your way through the island safely.
Since the earthquake, a group of officials from Java have also been deployed onto the island to help out with the restoration and keep everything running smoothly. The group will soon return to Java once regular island security has been re-established.

7. And now it’s time to pick up where we left off.

As I finish my morning cappuccino from the café across the street, I see the Oceans 5 Dive Gili Airs boat returning from the morning dive and I feel a comforting sense of the familiar. Life is returning to my island home and I really look forward to getting my island home back on track and resuming my life on this incredibly beautiful island.

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