Transformative Journey at PADI IDC Gili Islands: Becoming Confident PADI Instructors


Join us on a remarkable journey as Anita, Corinna, Franz, and Craig fulfilled their dream of becoming PADI Instructors at PADI IDC Gili Islands. This 20-day intensive Instructor Development Course (IDC) conducted by PADI Course Director Sander Buis at Oceans 5 Gili Air transformed these passionate divers into confident educators. Explore what makes PADI IDC Gili Islands the ultimate choice for IDC candidates.

PADI IDC Gili Islands | PADI Course Director Sander Buis | Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia
PADI IDC Gili Islands with their new PADI Instructors in Indonesia

The Distinctive PADI IDC Gili Islands Experience

Discover what sets PADI IDC Gili Islands apart from the rest:

Stress-Free Learning

Our philosophy is to create a stress-free learning environment where candidates can flourish. Dive education should be as enjoyable as diving itself, and we ensure candidates thrive without undue pressure.

Personalized Growth

Sander Buis adopts a personalized approach, addressing each candidate’s weaknesses individually. This tailored coaching ensures that every candidate emerges from the program as a competent and self-assured instructor.

Solid Foundation in PADI Standards

Our IDC begins with a thorough grounding in PADI standards. A strong foundation is vital for future instructors. By instilling a deep understanding of PADI guidelines, candidates are well-equipped to uphold the highest standards in dive instruction.

Progressive Teaching Methodology

Sander’s teaching method progresses logically, starting with controlled environments and advancing to open-water scenarios. This approach allows candidates to develop their skills incrementally, building confidence at every stage.

Environmental Stewardship

In today’s world, environmental awareness is paramount. We integrate this crucial element into our IDC, emphasizing the reduction of the environmental impact of diving. Candidates learn not only to teach diving but also to instill respect for marine ecosystems and sustainable practices.

The IDC Journey

The 20-day IDC in Gili Air is a life-changing experience for aspiring instructors. Anita, Corinna, Franz, and Craig underwent rigorous training, encompassing classroom sessions, confined water practice, and open-water training. Each day brought new challenges, fostering growth and self-assurance.

PADI IDC Gili Islands | PADI Instructor Development Course Indonesia | Oceans 5 Gili Air
PADI IDC Gili Islands with CD Sander Buis

Sander’s hands-on approach and tailored guidance enabled the candidates to overcome their individual obstacles. Whether mastering dive theory, refining teaching techniques, or enhancing personal confidence underwater, Sander was there, providing unwavering support.

The PADI Instructor Examination (IE) marked the culmination of their journey. Conducted over two days, the IE assessed their knowledge, skills, and ability to handle real-world teaching scenarios. Guided by Sander, Anita, Corinna, Franz, and Craig successfully passed the examination, officially earning the esteemed title of PADI Instructor.


Anita, Corinna, Franz, and Craig’s transformation from divemasters to PADI Instructors is a testament to their dedication and the exceptional training provided by PADI IDC Gili Islands. Sander Buis’ unique approach, featuring a stress-free environment, personalized growth, a strong foundation in PADI standards, progressive teaching methodology, and a focus on environmental stewardship, has shaped these individuals into confident and eco-conscious instructors.

As they embark on their new careers, they carry not only the knowledge and skills needed for success but also a deep commitment to preserving the underwater world. PADI IDC Gili Islands has prepared them for a fulfilling career while instilling in them a passion for responsible diving, which they will impart to their future students. Join us on this transformative journey at PADI IDC Gili Islands and unlock your potential as a PADI Instructor.

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