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Gili Air is the perfect tropical destination for families with kids, for backpackers, for honeymooners, for everyone.

The island is breathtaking, it is the tropical perfection: clear, turquoise water, white beaches and inland; rows of palm trees. It takes about an hour to stroll around the island. It is the perfect hideaway. Motorized vehicles are replaced by charming horse carriages and bicycles.

Closest to Lombok, Gili Air doesn’t have the full on party vibe of big brother Gili Trawangan, but it still has enough entertainment to keep the average traveler smiling.

Gili Air is connected to Lombok and Bali by daily boat services. Travel time to Lombok’s international airport is just 2 hours by boat and car. From Bali’s international airport it takes around 2.5 hours by boat and car.

The Gili islands have become one of South East Asia’s most exciting destinations, with a whole range of activities from diving, snorkeling and surfing, to access to the lush green mountains and valleys of Lombok, with hiking trips to the top of the volcano Rinjani and the world class surf breaks of South Lombok.

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