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Coral Reef Conservation Projects in Indonesia

Here at our dive resort, Oceans 5, we are blessed to be able to call the ocean our office. Every day, together with our wonderful guests we jump in and explore the most diverse eco-system in the world; better known as the coral reef.

Coral reefs are prehistoric beautiful creatures which play home to millions of species of marine life, protect our coast lines from erosion and provide local communities with food and a source of income.

Sadly for more than a decade these critical habitats have suffered due to pressures such as unsustainable fishing practices, toxic waste entering the ocean, global warming and lack of education causing coral reefs all over the world to diminish.

As ocean lovers we find it totally unacceptable to sit back and do nothing, this is why we have several initiatives in place to help to conserve and protect the reefs and marine life surrounding the beautiful Gili islands. 

We take great pride in our standards and strive to ensure that every student gets the best training and experience possible to ensure that they will continue to enjoy exploring the ocean in a safe and sustainable way. 

If you are visiting our little slice of Paradise we welcome you to join our weekly dive against debris which we host every Tuesday afternoon. We offer this dive free of charge to eager participants; please be aware that you must be a certified diver with a minimum of 25 logged dives and confidence in buoyancy control in order to join.

Buoyancy control

Would you like to learn more about buoyancy control? This will not only make your dives significantly more comfortable but will also help you to protect yourself and the underwater environment enhancing your diving experience and skills to another level, why not join us at Oceans5 dive resort and complete the Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course.

Not yet a certified diver? We highly suggest that you become a certified diver with us in the near future however you can still get involved in conservation efforts and make a difference during your trip to Gili Air. Join our weekly beach clean-up at our dive resor at every Friday and 5pm. We welcome both tourist and local people to come together and take care of what we love.

One of our newest and most exciting collaborations that we are delighted to be a part of is a coral restoration project which we will execute in collaboration with our partners at the Gili Shark Conservation project this year.

During the summer months of 2019 we will deploy several dome shaped structures into a damaged dive site within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational reserve. These domes will act as a healthy substrate where new recruits can attach and grow into a healthy coral colony.

After the deployment of these hex domes our partners at the Gili Shark Conservation project will monitor their growth and development weekly using a range of different survey methods including coral health index, remote under water video and time lapse surveys.

Our hope is that these domes can help to aid the reefs recovery and will eventually restore this incredible environment back to health.

If you are interested in learning more about coral reef and the magnificent marine life that we encounter every day, why not sign up today for a course in AWARE Coral conservation or AWARE Fish ID at our dive shop? 

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