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Discover Scuba Diving!


If you’re aged 10 or above and have never experienced diving before, we offer a one-day Discover Scuba Dive program just for you. Take the plunge! Begin with a basic overview of diving theory and practice in our expansive pool before embarking on a discovery scuba dive or introductory dive with an instructor in the ocean.

If you’re curious but not quite ready for the full Open Water Course, the Discover Scuba Diving program allows you to test the waters and see if scuba diving suits you.

One Day Experience

The Discover Scuba Diving program is a single-day experience led by one of our certified PADI scuba dive instructors.

Please note, this scuba diving experience does not result in a certification. However, during this introductory dive, you’ll familiarize yourself with scuba equipment, underwater swimming techniques, and gain insight into the fundamentals of exploring the ocean depths, diving to depths of up to 12 meters.

Discover Scuba Dive

Throughout the dive, your instructor will guide you through the stunning underwater landscapes of the Gili Islands, providing ample opportunities to encounter turtles, clownfish, lionfish, and blue starfish. We guarantee an unforgettable diving experience!

Before entering the pool, we’ll provide a comprehensive explanation of scuba equipment and the skills you’ll need to master underwater.

Discover Scuba Diving Gili Islands | Oceans 5 Gili Air | Indonesia
Introduction Dive around the Gili Islands

The skills in the pool

You dive in the pool with an experienced dive instructor close to you. In the pool he will demonstrate all skills and you will practise them. The skills are:

  • Inflate and deflate buoyancy control device
  • Breathing underwater
  • Equalization techniques
  • Regulator clearing (2 ways)
  • Regulator recovery
  • Clearing a partial floated mask
  • Swimming around the pool

You will practice these skills in the shallow water part of the pool.

Open Water Course

If you like to dive more after your introduction dive we have several options:

  1. Embark on another dive with the guidance of a dive instructor. Although it won’t lead to obtaining a scuba diving certification, it’s the ideal choice for those with time constraints or a preference for hands-on learning over studying.
  2. Commencing your Open Water Course requires just an additional 3 days. Upon successful completion of all performance criteria, you’ll attain certification as an open water diver. This grants you the ability to dive alongside another certified diver to depths of up to 18 meters.

Introduction dive pricing

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Dives: 1 pool session and 1 dive

  • Price: IDR 1.250.000

Discover Scuba Diving Gili Islands | Oceans 5 Gili Air | Indonesia

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