Diving around the Gili Islands - Gili Air Indonesia

Diving around the Gili Islands

The Gilis are situated at the North West side of Lombok, just 2 hours away by fast boat from Bali. Most of the people who are visting the Gilis, know them from the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful waters around the islands.

This makes the Gili Islands one of the most visit places of Indonesia. One of the activities on the islands is scuba diving. Surrounded by crystel clear water with an incredible marine life is is the best place to get your PADI certification or the join a fun dive with our experienced dive guide.

We are a PADI Career Development Center located on Gili Air. Equiped with the best dive equipment, having experienced, multiliqual dive instructors and local dive guides, having a 100% safety record and being an instructor training center guaranted you only the best.


PADI Instructor Courses on the Gili Islands

We are not only teaching diving course, but also instructor course, like PADI and DDI. Every month we conduct a PADI Instructor course by one of our in the house PADI Course Directors. Our instructor courses are conducted in small groups.


Divemaster Course Gili Air

If you want to become a PADI Pro but not yet a dive instructor, we having starting every day PADI Divemaster Courses. During 6-8 weeks we will train you to become a confidend divemaster who can work as a divemaster all over the world. Live you dreams! 


Tune Up

Are you certified but is it a time ago when you took a dive? Maybe it is a good idea for your safety and the safety of your dive buddy to refresh your diving skills and diving knowledge. Just in half a day  we refesh it all so you can restart diving again in a safe way. You like to enjoy your dive and not thinking about what can go be wrong or other things.... We offer every day a tune up for certified divers. 

Come and join our underwater world!